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What state was Andrew Jackson born in?
What famous battle catapulted Jackson to fame and reputation among the American people?
What was the name of Jackson's wife?
Who were believed to have negotiated the infamous deal commonly known as the “corrupt bargain”?
Which tariff angered southerners and caused South Carolina to begin the nullification crisis?
Daniel Webster once said, “Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and _____________”
Which prominent 1819 Marshall Court decision was carried out when Maryland tried to tax the Bank of the US?
Who was the prominent husband of the woman that began the Peggy Eaton affair by calling all Washington socialites to reject the wife of the Secretary of War, John Eaton?
Who was the second president of the Bank of the United States that incidentally caused a panic named after him?
What was the first third party in United States history, founded against the influence of secret and elite societies?
Who was Andrew Jackson’s handpicked successor?
Which important Act signed into law by Andrew Jackson in 1830 called for the relocation of all Native Americans east of the Mississippi to designated western territories?
Which literary movement that stressed deism, perfectionism, and individualism emerged with such authors as Emerson and Thoreau?
What was the name for Jackson's trusted advisors that were sometimes referred to as the 'good ole boys'
What was the name of the system that offered political positions to those who worked for the winning party?
Who represented South Carolina in a debate with Daniel Webster over the Northern disloyalty during the War of 1812?
Which political party was founded in 1832 by Henry Clay in opposition towards the policies of Jackson?
What even resulted from overspeculation of western lands, infrastructure, slaves, and Jackson's bank war?
What was the term used to call Americans who viewed the new immigrants as threats and expressed anti-foreign sentiments?
Who pioneered the concept of 'interchangeable parts'?
What were low wage textile and factory workers who were forced to endure horrific conditions called?

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