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Can you name the movies based on the deus ex machina in them?

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A young vaudeville performer has trouble with the law and later goes into hiding, where she becomes a prostitute. The movie ends with her randomly being murdered by Jack the Ripper
The protagonists are searching for a particular historical item in medieval Europe, when the entire cast is inexplicably arrested by modern day policemen.
The protagonist is being held at knife-point when a giant rabbit comes to the rescue.
A film writer tells the protagonist not to finish his story with a Deus ex Machina. The movie ends with the bad guy being eaten by a crocodile.
The protagonists enter a contest to save their business. They win, but it's not enough money. They then reveal that they made enough money gambling to buy the antagonist's business
The protagonists are surrounded by vicious reptiles, when a giant reptile appears and eats the smaller ones, allowing the protagonists to escape.
The protagonist is a PI searching for a murderer. He stumbles upon a glowing box, which he opens. The box turns out to be an atomic bomb, which detonates and destroys the planet.
The protagonists are in a jungle, surrounded by and about to be consumed by lava. One of them pulls a hot air balloon out of his bag and they all get in and fly to safety.
The protagonists are trapped on top of a building with no possible escape. Then an airship that was previously damaged beyond repair shows up and carries them to safety.
Plot ResolutionMovie
The protagonists are stuck in jail until the end of the movie, where it is revealed that one of their mothers is an FBI agent, who releases them from prison.
The protagonist is about to be killed by a drug lord, but he then reaches into his pouch and pulls out Jerry Garcia, who hits the villain with a guitar.
The protagonists are surrounded by zombies with no hope of escape, until the military shows up and kills all of them, saving the heroes.
The hero spins the planet backwards in order to go back in time so he can save the day.
A robot uses previously unmentioned rocket boosters to fly across a factory and save the damsel in distress.
The protagonists are about to be captured by aliens, when water spills on one of them, killing the alien. It turns out water will kill the aliens.
The human race is about to be defeated by aliens. It is then accidentally discovered that playing the song 'Indian Love Call' by Slim Whitman makes their heads explode.
The main character is falling to his death when the janitor stops time by jamming a broom into the building's clock gears.
Just after the antagonist falls to his death and is eaten by crocodiles, British troops show up out of the blue to kill off the remaining bad guys.

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