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Can you name the answers to the Big Bang Theory Questions? WARNING!! CONTAINS SPOILERS!!

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What is the name of the university that most of the characters work at?
What is Leonard's job?
What is Howard's job?
Who is Sheldon's roommate?
What is Penny's job?
In what episode/season did Leonard propose to Penny?
Who is Sheldon's enemy?
Who is the actor of Leonard?
Who is Howard wife in season 7?
What is the name of Sheldon's twin sister?
What is Sheldon's Job?
What is Howard's middle name?
What is Sheldon's middle name?
What is Sheldon's IQ number?
What is Sheldon's main Quote?
What is the number of Penny's apartment?
What is Raj's sister's name?
Who owns the comic book store?
Where does Penny work on a daily basis?
What is Leonard's mum's name?
What is one thing that Sheldon considers when choosing somewhere to sit?
What is Bernadette's job?
What is Howard allergic to?
What is Leonard's middle name?
What is Sheldon's Kryptonite?
What is Leonard's IQ number?
What is Amy's Job?
In what season did Sheldon and Amy meet?
What is Raj's job?
What is Raj unable to do unless he either is drunk or believes he is drunk?
What is Sheldon's mum's name?
What song has to be sung to Sheldon when he is sick?
Which character does Simon Helberg play?
What year did The Big Bang Theory start?
When did season 8 air on CBS?

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