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The Witch/which cooked over the bubbling cauldron.
There/Their/They're going to the movies tonight.
Were/Where/We're is my pencil case.
I brought too/to/two tickets to the concert.
She read her story allowed/aloud to the class.
I can't bear/bare the heat today.
The sky is blue/blew.
The whole class was board/bored in maths.
The Buoy bobbed up and down in the see/sea.
The girl was in a daze/days.
The Sahara dessert/desert is extremely hot.
The flour/flower grew in the garden.
I brought four/for/fore flowers from the shop.
I guessed/guest the answers to the quiz.
Hey/Hay is for horses.
Which building is hire/higher?
The baker kneeded/needed the bread.
Can you here/hear me from over there?
There's a leak/leek in the boat.
The principle/principal gave a speech at the parade.
The bee/be flu/flew around the shed.Pick the correct word for both
The plain/plane flew over the city
They had to pause/paws/pores/pours the movie.
The little boy/buoy sort/sought help from his parents.Pick the correct word for both
I can here the ocean from my home.Pick the misspelt word and spell it correctly.

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