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Forced Order
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Who played Scott McCall
Who played Melissa McCall
Who has Stiles had a crush on throughout most of the series
Who played stiles stilinski
Who played Lydia Martin
'Sorry coach I haven't seen him since the last time i saw him'
What type of werewolves have yellow eyes
Who played Chris Argent
Who played Allison argent
Which teen wolf character also played in pretty little liars
'Start the car or I'm going to rip your throat out with my teeth.'
'How about I punch you in the balls to remind you we're not'
'I'm not going to ask you to lie to your dad'
Who did Liam get out of the ground
'Humans are friends not food'
What did stiles give mason in the season six mid finale
What is stiles real name
Who plays Liam Dunbar
'Bad guy, right? I didn't misread that?'
Who is Liam's girlfriend
'My friends. They're all going to die.'
What type of werewolves have blue eyes
'Scott, your my brother'
Who almost gets shot in the face with an arrow by Allison
Who is Mason's boyfriend
'I told you we'd end up on the same side'
'Don't worry. I've had plenty of practice.'
Who played Jackson whittemore
Who plays kira
Who plays Danny Mahealani
'No one gets left behind. That's the plan.'
Who played Malia Hale
Who was stiles girlfriend
Who plays sheriff Stilinski
What is Claudia
Who took Stiles and many other people in season six
'I fell in a hole'
Who played Derek hale
Who plays Natalie Martin
Who was Scotts first girlfriend
'Someone who's willing to walk into the woods in the middle of the night to protect his friends. I don't have anyone like that.'
Who is Danny best friend
What is an omega
Who played coach Bobby finstock
What does Jackson whittemore drive
Who did Melissa go on a date with in season one
'I am not watching the notebook again.'
'Can somebody help me find the notebook'
Who dates Allison in season three
'Is he looking at me? Are you threatening me'
Who played Kate Argent
Who is Scotts first beta
What is sheriff stilinskis first name
What were the alpha twin brothers names
Who plays Victoria Argent
Who was the alpha in season one
'Being the bait'
Who did Scott dance with at the spring formal in season one besides allison
What is stiles moms name
Who plays Deaton
What type of werewolves have red eyes

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