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quotemissing word
'That's all you got lady, two wrong feet and f***ing ugly ______.' (Erin Brokevich)
'I am serious....and don't call me _______.' (Airplane!)
'There are two things in life: visceral, sexy sex and death. Horrible, boring death. Now please excuse me while I have sex with these girls before I ____.' (Dinner for Schmucks)
'Thank you Jack.' 'You're Welcome.' 'No, not you, we named the ______, Jack.' (Pirates of the Caribbean:Curse of the Black Pearl
'None of you seem to understand. I'm not locked in here with you... you're locked in here with ___!' (The Watchmen)
'Don't call me a r*****, you freakin' _____!' (Slackers)
'You're saying, everyday is the new worst day of your life?' 'Yeah.' 'Wow, that's ______ up.' (Office Space)
'We're just like the sex and the city girls.' 'No we're not.' 'That is such a Samantha ______ to say.' (Bruno)

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