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Forced Order
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'Well, we can't leave him up there.'
'Edgar, you owe me on this one you d***** old booze hound.'
'Mindy, what's the count?'
'You're not getting penetration even with the elephant gun.'
'Could you shut up.'
'Not just one of these could have killed Old Fred and his whole flock of sheep.'
'Well I hate to be crude but, I got to take care of some business.'
'No, no, no, don't want to wynch it, don't want to wynch it, it would tear it all up.'
'No way these are local boys.'
'They move very easy through the plasticene eluphials,(pause) the dirt.'
QuoteCharacterOther Info
'Melvin, Melvin, touch that truck and die.'
'Why are they bothering them, they weren't making any noise.'
'Yeah, yeah, what about the horses...'
'Broke in to the wrong g** d*** wreck room didn't you you b*****!'
'That's the sky that will be over our roof every night after we finish our house.'
'They're pulling our chain.'
'It just hit me, you know, stampede.'
'One of those things comes at me, I'd hit it with a five pound pick axe.'
'Ahhhhhh, It's got me, it's got me, hahahahaha.'
'I can't believe we said no to free beer.'

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