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Can you name the characters from the Jig the Goblin series?

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Wizard, obsessed with heroesGoblin - female
Caretaker of royal brats, follower of StonehammerDwarf - male
Warrior captain, killed in first bookGoblin - male
Prince, warrior, idiotHuman - male
Cook, sings annoying Shadowstar hymnsGoblin - female
Warrior, rider of SmellyGoblin - male
Trapmaker, afraid of bloodHobgoblin - male
Runt with poor eyesight and a firespiderGoblin - male
Loyal pet who can sense dangerFirespider - male
General of her own army of monstersOrc - female
Likes throwing things, especially humansTree
Former nursery worker, current chiefGoblin - female
Goddess of winter windsGoddess
Carries a rulebook, 'According to regulations...'Goblin - male
God of rest and peaceGod
Trapped in a mountain, powerful wizardDragon - male
God of (unoriginal) deathGod
Thief turned dragon, has green eyesElf - female
Wizard, prince, has glowing red eyesHuman - male
Warrior turned priestGoblin - male
Cleaner, has green wingsPixie - male
ChefGoblin - female
Princess, smarter than her brothersHuman - female

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