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Can you name the Rap songs by part of their lyrics in text language?

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LyricSong TitleMain Artrist
1 thin idk y it duznt evn mattr how hrd u tryLinkin Park
cuuttiee da bom met hr at a beuty salonKanye West
dis beet iz mah recytle i tink itz very vytleRun DMC
yall actin lyke u nevr seen a wite prsn b4Eminem
have u evr luvd sum1 so much ud giv n arm 4Eminem
o god, shez rlly dun it now,cokd up bottyz all spun round3OH!3
uve been gon fr so lng im runnin out ov tymeDr. Dre
tak dat nd rwind it bak lil jon gotz da beet dat mak yo booty goUsher
shez 11 outta 10 gotta botty wif a pin u coud pull it lyke a hnd gernade3OH!3
if luv nd peece r so strng, y r der peeces ov luv dat dnt blongBlack Eyed Peas
stnd up we shll nt b mooved cept by a child wif no sockz or shoosFlobots

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