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German. The first Zeppelin.
German. Destroyed at Echterdingen but inspired many to donate.
German. Hugo crashed it into its own hanger while attemping risky take-off.
German. It blew up at Lakehurst.
German. Hugo flew it around the world.
German. Their last. Sister to one that crashed in Jersey.
US. Named for where it was built. Crashed in '33.
US. Sister to the above. Crashed in '35 but most survived.
US. Built by Germany. Once stood on its nose.
US. The first big Navy dirigible. Crashed in Ohio.
UK. Made the first east-to-west crossing of the Atlantic by air
UK. Bought by the US but never made it. 44 dead.
UK. Their most successful. Flew to Canada. Didn't crash.
UK. Notorious for design flaws and last minute lengthening project. Crashed in France in '30.
Italian. Crashed and stranded Mr. Nobile in the Arctic.

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