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What did Secretary Ross claim 'forty years in the army never taught [him]'?
What Australian consumable is advertised behind Cap and Crossbones in Lagos?
Who snitches on Black Widow (to Ross) after her betrayal in Civil War?
In which movie did Mr Harrington debut?
Thor: 'Thanos already has the Power Stone because he stole it last week, when he _______ Xandar.'
What animal does Steve sketch in the rain when first deployed to the front lines in TFA?
Which character fired a rocket launcher from the top of the Shard in London?
What four letter word does Wanda use to describe the red rangerover in the beginning of Civil War?
What does The Ancient One claim to have put in Strange's Tea?
What year did Peggy Carter die?
Who killed Frigga?
What is the name of Darcy's intern?
Which Infinity Stone appeared second?
Including post credit scenes, how many movies have featured Scarlet Witch? (as of 2020)
What are Quicksilver's last words?
Over which eye does Fury wear the eyepatch?
What does Maria Hill yell right before the helicarrier cockpit is breached by an Ultron-bot?
What vegetable does Stark compare Hulk's penis to?
Who shot Fury before Bucky made it cool?
Who kills the Other?
Other than 'no', what are prime-timeline Gamora's last words?
In which country does Iron Man first fight Whiplash?
Who does Tony Stark confuse Stan Lee for in Iron Man?
Who said 'I never said you were a superhero'?
What is Ghost's name? (first and last)

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