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Forced Order
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Who has asthma?
What TV show is Nikki on?
What does Sawyer call Neil?
What do people at the Pearl Station put through the tube?
Who is Jack talking to right before Oceanic 815 goes down?
What is the profession of the woman that Sayid meets the night before the flight to Guam?
What does Hurley find on the floor right before his surprise party?
Who runs after the raft as they set sail?
What's Sawyer's nickname for Charlotte?
What killed the co-pilot on the flight to Guam?
What are the exact words Charlie writes for #1 on his Greatest Hits list?
Which Dharma station is located on the smaller island where Jack, Kate and Sawyer were kept?
What book is the book club reading when Oceanic 815 crashes?
Who is in the last shot of season two?
Who steals the key to the gun case that is around Jack's neck?
What do you conveniently get if you add together all of Hurley's numbers?
Who kills their own child?
What is Sun's first line in English?
Who is Hurley 'playing chess' with when Sayid comes to get him from the hospital?
Where does Locke first meet Ben?
What is Claire's favorite food?
What is Aaron's father's profession?
What is Libby getting from the hatch when Michael shoots her?
What was Jacob's last line?
Who's sister has cancer?

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