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New Poor Law
Transport Revolution
Royal Commission for Factory Conditions
New Cow Breeds
John Kay's...
Richard Arkwright's...
Edmund Cartwright's...
Abolition of Slave Trade
Haitian Revolution
Abolition of Slavery
Forming of Society of Friends
First bill for the abolition of the slave trade
Clive's army wins battle of Plassey
Indian Mutiny
Evangelical Christians
Armistar Massacre Deaths
Franco Prussian War
Boer War
Crimean War
Dual Alliance
Italy+Dual Alliance
Germany formed
Italy formed
Triple Entente
Franco-Russian Alliance
Entente Cordial
Naval Defence Act
Anglo-Japan Alliance
Kaiser Wilhelm II's Rule
Tirpitz Plan
Independence of Morocco from Ottomans
First Moroccan Crisis
End of First Moroccan Crisis
2nd Moroccan Crisis
Anglo-French Naval Agreement
Austria-Hungary's annexation of Bosnia
Sarajevo Crisis
Increase in enclosure
Swing Riots
Creation of John Kay's machine
James Hargreaves' spinning jenny
Setting up of the water frame
Creation of the power loom
The sing rioters' former jobs
The luddites' former jobs
Luddites general time
Who treated his workers well?
Armistar Massacre

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