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Can you name the Bible character beginning with each letter of the alphabet?

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ATold he would have as many descendants as the stars (Gen 12-25)
BMurderer released before J's death (Mt 27, Mk 15)
CFirst murderer (Gen 4)
DA man after God's own heart, father of S (1Sa 16-1Ki 2)
EMother of 'the voice crying in the wilderness' (Lk 1)
FOne of two Roman governors at P's trials (Ac 24-26)
GTested God with a fleece (Jdg 6-8)
HOne of several rulers in New Testament Judea (Mt 2, Lk 23, Ac 12)
IAlmost offered as a sacrifice by his father (Gen 21-35)
JThe Saviour (Mt - Rev)
KFather of the first king of the United Kingdom of Israel (1 Sa 9)
LRaised from the dead by J (Jn 11-12)
MMother of J, or sister of L (Lk 1-2, Jn 11-12)
NSurvived the Flood (Gen 6-10)
OProphet with the shortest Old Testament book
PMissionary who wrote the most Bible books (Ac 7-Phm)
QTravelled from Africa to visited United Israel's 3rd king (1 Ki 10)
RHoused Israelite spies before the destruction of her city (Jos 2)
SRich Israelite king with many wives, son of D (1Ki 1-11)
TP's young missionary apprentice (Ac 16-20)
UHittite 1st husband of S's mother (2Sa 11)
VPersian 1st wife of X (Est 1)
WGroup that visited young J at his birth with gifts (Mt 2)
XGreek name for Persian king who married a Jewish girl (Est)
YThe Hebrew name for 'I AM WHO I AM'
ZFather of 'the sons of thunder' apostles (Mt 4)

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