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Can you name the three rhyming words from the clues provided?

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CluesAnswers (3 words)
A group hired to test taste indigo-colored beers?
A Dairy Queen dessert made from reptile innards?
A bargain on a large metal pizza spatula?
Sugar-coated Triscuit reward?
A shelving unit to store your shoulder luggage?
A fat simian heroin addict?
Behind by 3 points. How do you win?
Bozo's goose feather dress?
CluesAnswers (3 words)
Large sow dance?
Summer solstice lunar song?
Measuring how much a Congressional assistant should be paid?
Aged container used for making valuable metallic bars?
Chantilly Ming protective container?
A clever and agile secret agent?
A hard to find meditation seat?
Raise your glass to our undead emcee?

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