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Female hound
A daily charge to come out hunting
Is shouted to tell the Field to keep to the left to let cars through on the road.
When the hounds are looking for the line. The huntsman may cast the hounds towards where he thinks the hounds will pick it up.
A canine which is not a hound.
Male hound
The mounted followers.
Any smell or disturbed ground which spoils the line.
Shouted backwards on going through a gate which should be closed.
The appropriate greeting at the meet.
The appropriate salutation for the end of the day even if it was an Autumn Hunting morning which ended before midday.
Shouted when the Field is required to ride in single file close to the fence boundary of field in order to protect crops or sensitive grassland.
The man who hunts the hounds.
The people responsible for working the hounds. i.e. Huntsman and Whippers in. They may be Masters, amateurs or professionals.
You may get this response when you make way for a Master or Huntsman at a gate or jump. It means you don't have to wait for him/her and should carry on.
The scent left by the quarry.
Shouted when someone has fallen off and the horse is running away.
A pack consisting of dogs and bitches.
A hound which hunts without speaking.
Term used to describe the official dress for mounted followers during Autumn Hunting and consists of a Tweed jacket as opposed to a black jacket.

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