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The hunt country lies both in Devon and Somerset and extends some 20 miles East to West and 12 miles North to South at the widest part.Exmoor
The country comprises the whole area of South Devon bounded by the Rivers Dart and Tamar, and the sea.Dartmoor
The country which lies in Devon, with a few coverts in West Somerset, extends some 30 miles east to west by about 14 miles north to south.Tiverton
The country is mainly grassland, with small fields, some large Cornish banks and hunt jumps. A surefooted horse with ability to jump is required.Tetcott
The country lies in West Devon and Cornwall, and consists of plough, grass and forestry. It is the southern portion of the old Tetcott, as hunted for many years.South Tetcott
The country centre lies where Devon, Somerset and Dorset meet, and is nearly all grass with high banks which cannot be jumped because of wire. Cotley
The country in Devon lies east of Exeter.East Devon
The country in Devon is the north east quarter of Dartmoor and some way off the moor towards Exeter.Mid Devon
The country is situated on the southernmost part of Devon and includes the south-eastern corner of Dartmoor.South Devon
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The country lies in western Devon and Cornwall. To the west is Launceston, to the east Okehampton and in the south Tavistock.Lamerton
The country is situated in North Devon and West Somerset extending from Hawkridge to Saunton Sands.Dulverton
The country, which extends some 19 miles east to west by about 20 miles north to south, lies in Devon.Eggesford
The country is large and lies in North Devon, with the Atlantic as its northern boundary.Stevenstone
The country, in Devon, which lies east of the River Torridge from New Bridge, Dolton, to the New Bridge, Barnstaple, is on loan from the Stevenstone.Torrington Farmers
The country which is in Devon is adjoined by the Cotley Harriers to the north.Axe Vale
The country, which lies in Devon and Somerset, extends about 18 miles from Bampton in the east to South Molton in the west and from Knowstone and Oakford in the south.Dulverton Farmers
In Devon, its southern boundary the sea. In parts very hilly, generally good scenting. Silverton
The Country extends from Postbridge in the east to Gulworthy in the west and from Okehampton in the north to Plymouth in the south.Spooners and West Dartmoor

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