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Can you name the answers to the questions on the 9 episodes of BBC's Sherlock

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How many nicotine patches did Sherlock use to solve the serial suicidesA Study in Pink
What war did John fight inA Study in Pink
Who was the restaurant ownerA Study in Pink
What is the Novel 'A Study in Pink' based onA Study in Pink
What was the book the tongs used as their secret codeThe Blind Banker
What was the value of the hair pinThe Blind Banker
What was the shop the tongs opperated fromThe Blind Banker
What is the Novel 'The Blind Banker' mainly based onThe Blind Banker
What was the name of the boy who died swimming in LondonThe Great Game
What is the code name for the missile plans which is also another book in the seriesThe Great Game
What did Moriarty act as before his encounter with Sherlock at the poolThe Great Game
What is 'The Great Game' based onThe Great Game
What was the murder weapon that killed the HikerA Scandal in Belgravia
What was the passcode to the camera phoneA Scandal in Belgravia
What was one of the cases that Shelorck solved in 'A Scandal in Belgravia' in its book termsA Scandal in Belgravia
What is 'A Scandal in Belgravia' based onA Scandal in Belgravia
Who's Identity did Sherlock use to get into BaskervilleThe Hounds of Baskerville
What did Sherlock think the drug was inThe Hounds of Baskerville
Who killed Henry's fatherThe Hounds of Baskerville
What is 'The Hounds of Baskerville' based onThe Hounds of Baskerville
How many IOU's were displayedThe Reichenbach Fall
Name one of the places Moriarty Broke intoThe Reichenbach Fall
Where did Sherlock fall fromThe Reichenbach Fall
What is 'The Reichenbach Fall' based onThe Reichenbach Falls
Who created the Jack the Ripper Crime SceneThe Empty Hearse
Where was John Dating MaryThe Empty Hearse
What was the date when the bomb was set to go offThe Empty Hearse
What is 'The Empty Hearse' based onThe Empty Hearse
Who are the Bank robbers who always get awayThe Sign of Three
Who was the soldier who died in the ShowersThe Sign of Three
Who was the Mayfly manThe Sign of Three
What is 'The Sign of Three' based onThe Sign of Three
What is the name of Magnussens VaultsHis Last Vow
Who shot SherlockHis Last Vow
What is the title of 'His Last Vow' based onHis Last Vow
What is the plot of 'His Last Vow' based onHis Last Vow

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