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Can you name the Answers to clues about the TV show 'Allo 'Allo?

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How many series did 'allo 'allo run for
What was Rene's twin brother called
What is Rene's code name
What is Michelle's code name
What is Michelle's alias
What did Edith do that made Rene tell Mimi to have a dust pan at the ready
What happened when Rene hid a painting behind another painting
Who is the longest serving waitress at the cafe
Where was Maria posted to by mistake
What is Roger LeClercs brother called
What is the other job other than an undertaker that Alfonse has
What is Michelle's assistants first name
What are the name of the airmen
What is Klinkerhoffens first name
Who is Klinkerhoffen a descendant of
Other than the two main paintings what artifact did Colonel Von Strohm steal
What is Grubers first name
What is Grubers driver called
How many children did Gruber raise
What were Albertos 3rd row medals for
What is Bertorellis Aunt's name
Where is there a one way ticket for Hans if his troops get to Marble Arch
Who is Herr Flick the god son of
What is Herr Flicks pigeon called
What was Helgas promotion from private
What was Helgas mothers job
What is Von Smallhausens actual first name
What is Crabtree's rank in the police force
What is the local doctor called

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