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Can you describe the Collapse of Communism?

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Reagan describes USSR as ...
Initiative to put USA ahead in arms race...
Year of protests in Poland..
Place of strike that led to Solidarity..
Leader of Solidarity..
Jaruzelski declared Solidarity what...
Year of Brehnev's death..
This was weak because of the Afghan war and arms race spending..
New leader of the USSR after Chernenko
Year and month he became leader
Year of INF treaty
Month and year Soviet leader suggests cuts in Non-nuclear weapons
His policy of restructuring the economy..
His policy of openness in government
Year he wins the Nobel Peace Prize..
Year and month Poland leaves Communism...
New leader of Poland
Year and month Czechoslovakia leaves Communism...
Communist leader of east Germany...
Year and month of revolution in Romania..
Year Baltic states declare independence...
Date of the fall of the Berlin Wall..
President of Russia, 1990..
Month and Year the Soviet Union officially disbands..
Year East and West Berlin and Germany reunite...

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