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Date Of Birth:
Place Of Birth:
Date Of Death:
Place Of Death:
Age At Death:
Political Party:
What Was His First Published Work?
What Year Did He Enter Trinity College Dublin?
Who Said Of Him: 'The Only Man I Ever Knew Who Thinks On Economic Subjects Exactly As I Do, Without Any Previous Communications Having Passed Between Us'?
Which Christian Denomination Did He Belong To?
What Scottish University Was He Lord Rector Of From 1783 To 1785?
Which Former Governor-General Of India Did He Lead The Prosecution Against In 1786?
Who Wrote 'The Rights Of Man' In Response To His Pamphlet 'Reflections on the Revolution in France'?
Which Political Movement Has He been Seen As The Philosophical Founder Of?
What Year Did He First Become An MP?
What Was His Constituency?
What Revolution Did He Oppose?
What Bill Did He Support Because In Would Exclude 'Murderous Atheists, Who Would Pull Down Church And State; Religion And God; Morality And Happiness'

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