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384–322 BCGreek statesman and orator of ancient Athens
389–314 BCLittle know about him
440–390 BClogographer (speech writer) in Ancient Greece.
5th century BCControversy over whether he is also the same as a person previously mentioned
361 - c. 291 BCWas a logographer (speech writer) in Ancient Greece and as an alien could not take part in the debates
390–322 BCAfter the death of Alexander the Great, *blank* was one of the chief promoters of war against Macedonian rule, this led to wars and his downfall
early 4th century BCOnly eleven of his speeches survive, with fragments of a twelfth. and criticism of his work
436–338 BCIn his time, he was probably the most influential rhetorician in Greece and made many contributions to rhetoric and education through his teaching and written works
396–323 BC He was appointed three successive times to the office of manager of the public revenue, and held his office each time for five years, beginning with 337 BC. The conscientiousness with which he discharged the duties of this office enabled him to raise the public revenue to the sum of 1200 talents.
445 BC; died ca. 380 BCFrom *blank* we have thirty-four speeches. Three fragmentary ones have come down under the name of *blank*; one hundred and twenty-seven more, now lost, are known from smaller fragments or from titles. In the Augustan age four hundred and twenty-five works bore his name, of which more than two hundred were allowed as genuine by the critics.

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