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QUIZ: Can you name the The Five Good Roman Emperors (According To Machiavelli)?

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Date Of ReignEmperorMost Known For
18 September 96 – 25 January 98 ADFaced Civil War Until He Adopted An Heir; Died Just After Starting his Forth Consulship
28 January 98 – 9 August 117 ADExpanded Empire To It's Greatest Extent; Conquered Dacia; Made Eponymous Column
10 August 117 – 10 July 138 ADBuilt The Eponymous Wall In The North Of England; Prominent Early Homosexual; Saddened When His Lover Died He Founded A City Nearby
11 July 138 – 7 March 161 ADMost Peaceful Reign Of The Early Empire; Constructed Eponymous Wall In Scotland;Revised The Laws Of The Empire
8 March 161–169 AD(with Lucius Verus); 169–177 AD(alone); 177–March 180 AD(with Commodus)Wrote 'Meditations' On Campaign; Called An Ideal Platonic Philosopher-King

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