Ancient Roman Trivia Quiz

Can you name the Answers to Questions About Ancient Rome?

Complete the Following Quote From Cicero: 'How Long, Catiline, will You Abuse Our _______?'
In Plutarch's Lives Alexander the Great Is Compared To Whom?
Pliny the Elder or Gaius Plinius Secundus Died During the Eruption Of Which Volcano?
The Emperor Nero Was the Last of Which Dynasty?
What Dynasty Succeeded Them?
The Emperor Augustus Defeated Mark Antony At Which Naval Battle on the 2 September 31 BC?
Around Which Year Did Tacitus Write His Book 'Germania'
What Was The Name Of the System Of Government Where Power Is Divided Among Four Individuals? (Referring To When it Was Instituted By Roman Emperor Diocletian In 293)
Herodian Wrote His 'History of the Empire from the Death of Marcus' But What Job Did he Have?
During Whose Reign Did Rome Celebrate It's Millennium? (He Is On A Syrian Banknote)
Which Battle Lead To The Deaths Of Both Co-Ruling Emperors In 251
Who Commanded The Roman Force That Defeated Boudica?
In A Phrase Coined By Niccolò Machiavelli What Were Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, and Marcus Aurelius?
What Was the Dynasty of Client Kings of Judea Between 37 BC and 92 AD?
In Which Battle With the Parthians Was Marcus Licinius Crassus Killed?
Who Said 'That The Common People—Rather Than Caring About Their Freedom—Are Only Interested In Bread And Circuses'?
Crassus Was Also Famous For What?
Who Wrote the Georgics, A Poem In Four Books?
The Full Name Of An Emperor Was: Marcus Antonius Gordianus Sempronianus Romanus Africanus, But What Is He More Commonly Known As?
After Nero How Many Emperors Were There In The Next Year?
Who Built the Eponymous Wall In The North Of England?
Who Was the First Roman Governor Of Britain:
For How Long Was Otho Emperor?
Gaius Marcius Coriolanus Got His Last Name For Valour At Which Siege?
Which Battle Did Lucius Aemilius Paullus Die At?
In The Second Punic War Fabius Maximus Was Called Cunctator, What Does This Mean In English?
How Many Times Was Marcus Furius Camillus Dictator?
In Terms Of Numbers, What Was The Worst Defeat For the Romans Ever?
Marcus Claudius Marcellus Is Most Famous For Conquering Which City? (Home Of Archimedes)
Where Was Hannibal Finally Defeated?
Who Ended Every Speech With: Carthage Must be Destroyed?
What Was The Final Battle Of The war Of the Second Triumvirate?
Who Was Assassinated For Trying to Become Dictator In 44BC?
Who Was The Greatest Roman Orator?
How Many Wives Did Pompey the Great Have?
Who Was the Adopted Son Of the Emperor Tiberius?
Who Was Consul With Cicero in 63 BC?
What Was The Province Vespasian Came From To Claim Imperial Power?
The Emperor Pertinax On Trying To Restore Order To A Unit In The Army Was Deposed And Killed By Them. Which Unit?
Which Emperor Founded The Severan Dynasty?
What Was Prefixed To The Name Of A Noteworthy Citizen After Apotheosis?
Who Was The Legendary First King Of Rome?
Who Did Caesar Refer To When he Ordered To Take Him Prisoner If He Gave Himself Up Voluntarily, And If He Persisted In Fighting, To Let Him Alone And Do Him No Violence?
The Poet Marcus Annaeus Lucanus Is Better Known In English As What?
Complete the Quote From Caesar: '___________ Is The Teacher Of All Things.'
At What Battle Did Pyrrhus of Epirus Win But At Such A Cost The Phrase 'Pyrrhic Victory' Arise To Mean A Victory At A Great Cost?
Who (According To Legend) Was So Frugal They Refused Rich Gifts From The Samnite Ambassadors To Continue Roasting Turnips?
Who Was The Founder Of The Roman Republic, One Of The First Consuls And A Tyrannicide?
Who Was The Last King Of Rome?

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