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City, Dates, and Information Dictator
Athens, 546-528 BC; established Panathenaia festival; compiled standard editions of Homeric poems
Corinth, c. 620 BC; built a ramp across the Isthmus of Corinth; murdered his wife Melissa
Halicarnassus, c. 480 BC; Xerxes' only female advisor; supported the Persians at the Battle of Salamis
Miletus, c. 500 BC; revolted against Persia; sought support from Athens
Samos, 538-522 BC; patron of Anacreon; allied with Persia against Egypt
Sicyon, 600-560 BC; father-in-law of Megacles of Athens
Syracuse, 491-478 BC; conquered Syracuse; defeated the Carthaginians at Himera
Byzantium, c. 400 BC; originally from Sparta; led the Army of the Ten Thousand in Persia
Megara, c. 600 BC; attacked the rich aristocracy of Megara; father-in-law of Cylon of Athens
Argos, c. 670 BC; developed the first Greek weights and measures; defeated Sparta at the Battle of Hysiae
Was the first legislator of ancient Athens, Greece, 7th century BC. He replaced the prevailing system of oral law and blood feud by a written code to be enforced only by a court. B

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