Ancient Roman Trivia Quiz II

Can you name the Answers to Questions About Ancient Rome And Classical Scholarship?

Who Was The Poet Who Said 'A Host Is Like A General: Calamities Often Reveal His Genius'?
Which Year Was The 'Year Of The Six Emperors'?
Who Was The Last Emperor Of The Western Roman Empire?
Before Sulla Who Was The Previous Dictator?
How Many Wives Did Caesar Have?
Which Roman General Is One Of The Medieval 'Nine Worthies'
Who Was Assassinated After He Tried To Put A Limit On How Much Property One Man May Own?
What Was The Name Of The Traditionalist Majority In The Late Republic? (Means Best Men In Latin)
Which Emperor Was Tiberius Claudius Caesar Britannicus The Son Of?
What Was The Capital Of The Western Roman Empire From 402 Until 476 AD?
Which Writer And Military Leader Said 'From The End Spring New Beginnings'?
What Year Was The Emperor Augustus First Consul?
Who Was Gaius Marius Compared To In Plutarch's 'Lives'?
How Long Was Vitellius Emperor? (In Months)
Who Did The Emperor Vetranio Serve Alongside?
Who Was Considered The Greatest Of Tragic Poets Prior To Lucius Accius?
Who Was A Consul With Marius In 102 BC But Sided With Sulla In The War Of 88 And 87 BC?
What Is The Common Name Of The Emperor Varius Avitus Bassianus?
What Was The Group Name Of Caesar's Assassins?
What Was The Office That Was High Priest Of The College Of Pontiffs?
What Battle Did The Western Roman Emperor Valens Die At?
Who Was The First Emperor To Become So Without Membership In The Senatorial Class?
Who Was Called By Shakespeare 'The Noblest Of All Romans'
During The Crisis Of The Third Century What Splinter Empire Broke Away From Rome In The West Founded By Postumus?
During The Crisis Of The Third Century What Splinter Empire Broke Away From Rome In The East Ruled By Queen Zenobia And Her Young Son, Vaballathus?
Which First Century Historian Said, 'A Desire To Resist Oppression Is Implanted In The Nature Of Man'?
Who Was Consul In 312 BC, 308 BC, 297 BC And 295 BC?
After A Short War With Which King Over The City Of Zela (Currently Known As Zile), Did Caesar Proclaim His Immortal Line,'Veni, Vidi,Vici'? (I Came , I Saw, I Conquered)
How Many Books Was Appian's Master Work 'Roman History' Or Ῥωμαϊκά' In Greek?
In His Speech 'Pro Milone' Cicero Says That The Murder Victim Laid A Trap For His Client, Who Was The Victim?
Who Was Brother Of Lucius Julius Caesar III And Killed With Him In The Sullain Civil War By Marius' Partisans?
What Was The Office That Was Important But Since It Was Not Elected By The Senate The Holder Was Not A Magistrate?
Who Constructed The Appian Way (Via Appia)?
Who Was Called 'Not Bad As A Man, But Most Unfortunate Of The Romans As A General.' By Plutarch?
Complete The Quote From Cato The Elder 'This Corn Is Well Grown And Carthage Must Be _________'?
In Plutarch's 'Lives' Who Is Compared With Sulla?
Who Led The Roman legions In The Conquest Of Western Iberia After The Death Of Viriathus, Chieftain Of The Lusitanians?
Who Wrote The Realencyclopädie der Classischen Altertumswissenschaft A Monumental Work Of Classical Scholarship?
Who Was The Second King Of Rome, Compared To Lycurgus of Sparta in Plutarch's 'Lives'
Who Was The Leader Of Revolutionary Forces During The First Jewish-Roman War In The 1st Century Judea?
Which Roman Consul Appeared At The Isthmian Games In 196 BC To Declare Liberty For Greek States From The Macedonians?
What Is the Only Ancient Bridge Over The River Tiber To Survive Whole?
Who Wrote The Ground Breaking 'The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire'?
One Of The Heroes Of Early Rome, Consul In 460 BC And Dictator In 458 BC, Famed For His Modesty And Virtue, He Also Helped Out A Consul Trapped In The Alban Hills. Who Was He?
Which Poet Said In His 'Pharsalia' 'The Victor's Cause Pleased The Gods, But The Vanquished Pleased Cato.'
Which Biographer Said 'General Quotations About Evenings Let Us Add This One More Night To Our Lives.'?
In Which Trial Does Cicero Call The Sister Of The Prosecutor A Prostitute As Part Of His Argument?
Which Modern City Is Virgil's Tomb?
Which General Was Born Only Three Years Before The Invasion Of Britain But Played A Large Role In Continuing The Annexation?
What Post Did Quintus Lollius Urbicus Hold After He Was Governor Of Britain?
Which Poet was Considered A Herald Of Christianity Because Of The Section In One of His Books Concerning The Birth Of A Boy?
What Was The College of Minor Magistrates Called? (Literally Twenty Six Men)
Which Elegiac Poet Of The Augustan Age Said in His Monobiblos 'Cynthia First Captivated Wretched Me With Her Eyes, I Who Had Never Before Been Touched By Cupid.'?
What Left-wing Political Grouping In The Republic Means 'Favoring The People' in Latin?
Who Was A Poet And First Govenor Of Egypt, From 30 BC To 26 BC?
How Many Times Was Lucius Cornelius Cinna (Who Died In 84 BC) Consul?
Who Led The Roman Army At The Battle Of Fucine Lake In 89 BC Against A Rebel Force During The Social War, But Was Defeated And Killed While Fighting A Marsic Camp In Winter?
Who Was The First Plebeian Dictator And Censor Of Ancient Rome, And Consul Four Times?
Who Was A Roman General Who Was Five Times Consul And Twice Dictator? (In 325 BC He Was Appointed Dictator To Carry On The Second Samnite War)
Who Was Asked To Be The Forth Member of The First Triumvirate but Declined On The Grounds He Thought It Would Harm The Republic?
Who Said 'A Shocking Crime Was Committed On The Unscrupulous Initiative Of Few Individuals, With The Blessing Of More, And Amid The Passive Acquiescence Of All.' ?
In Which Israeli Fortress Did Jewish Zealots All Committed Suicide After Being Besieged By A Roman Legion?
Who Was A Latin Prose Writer Who Was Accused Of Using Magic To Gain The Attentions Of A Wealthy Widow?
The Mausoleum Of Which Emperor Was Converted Into A Castle By The Popes Of The 14th Century?
Who Defeated Attila The Hun At Chalons And Was Called The 'Last Of The Romans'?

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