Just For Fun Quiz / Mega Word Ladder: Find the Shakespeare quote II

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QUIZ: Can you complete the word ladder and discover the Shakespeare quote?

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When the ladder is complete, the shaded boxes, read sequentially, will reveal a quote. The quote is disguised and may not be immediately evident, but speaking the key words out loud may help. The final word is not part of the ladder. Have fun!
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Sound a donkey might make
First name of Dracula author Stoker
Stream of light
Bird's bill
Reach the highest point
Quantity picked by Peter Piper
Stage name of singer Alecia Moore
To yearn for
Alcoholic drink made from grapes
Opposite of narrow
Verdi opera
Coldplay album: Viva la ____
Caesar's report: Veni, ____, vici
French for 'noon'
Austin Powers character: ____-Me
Place where money is made
Fog-like weather condition
Young lady
Sound a snake might make
Shakira song: ____ Don't Lie
Tears apart
Yellow banana, as opposed to a green one
Alexander Pope poem: The ____ of the Lock
Speak angrily
Payment made by a tenant
Mailed a letter
Chair or bench, for example
A fake
One of Noah's three sons
Pink Floyd song: 'Us and ____'
Archaic pronoun meaning 'you'
Oak or pine, for example
To worry
Together, they have ten toes.
Touched with your fingers
What ice does at room temperature
To shed feathers
Fungus that grows on food
'Going once, going twice, ___!'
Bottom surface of the foot
Banana-producing company
Small white bird, or soap brand
What the heart often symbolizes
To wash or bathe
____ Matthews Band
First name of comedian Cook
Villain in The Dark Knight Rises
Without clothing
Homer Simpson's son
What you use to catch fish
To serve customers in a restaurant
A very small amount
Shakespeare play where you would find the quote disguised in this ladder (hint: a clue to the play's setting is found in one of the unshaded rungs)

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