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Can you complete the two word ladders and discover the Shakespeare quote?

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The left column is a 3-letter word ladder, the right column a 4-letter one. They do not overlap, except where the shaded boxes are concerned. When the ladders are completed, these boxes will reveal an approximate quote. These boxes are to be read from left to right, top to bottom. Two shaded boxes on the same line (or almost on the same line) represent a single word. The last word in the second column is not part of the ladder. Have fun!
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Change the language of a movie
Past tense of dig
Wet, spongy ground
Man's best friend
Homer Simpson expression
Slang word meaning 'obviously'
French for south
Bean used to make a brown sauce
Child's plaything
Green Day drummer ___ Cool
Foot digit
Unit of weight
Charged particle
An establishment used for lodging
Liquid found in a pen
What Noah built
A painting or sculpture
Back of a boat
Archaic form of often
Not on
A stupid or awkward person
Grain used in animal feed
Small rodent
Slowly decay
Collapsible bed
___ liver oil
Supreme being
Nickname for the Republican Party in the US
Space between two things
What a cartographer makes
What you wipe your feet on at the door
Soft drink container
What you might get at a beach
Something you might run up at a bar
Rub-a-dub-dub location
Slang word meaning 'buddy'
Male bovine
Rock group Jethro ____
Bridge-crossing fee
Device used to perform a task
___ me once, shame on you
Bird raised/hunted for food
The NFL's Super ____
Bring to a ____, in a recipe
Money paid to release a prisoner
Item used in many sports
Contraction of 'you all'
A type of pepper
A type of weevil
The form that lightning takes
What Italy is shaped like
Part of the body that would fit inside the above rung
Fortified place occupied by troops
What a golfer might yell
What you shouldn't shout in a crowded theatre
Send a message by telegraph
Something a company might 'house'
Give notice of danger
Farm building
Undergo combustion
Steer a vehicle around a corner
Bird that lives near the ocean
Not now
One of the 5 W's
A small brown bird
Not friend, not enemy, but ____emy
The Nanny's ____ Drescher
Custard dessert with caramel, in the US
Smooth, level
Italian automaker
A clenched hand
Main idea of something
Covered with gold
Fish organ used to extract oxygen from water
First name of president Clinton
Shakespeare play where you would find the quote disguised in this ladder

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