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Can you name the films that match these awkward moments as part of the Neo Puzzle Hunt?

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That awkward moment when...Movie
you are killed in the line of duty and wake up as half-man, half-machine.
your colleagues realize you've never been with a woman.
you are trapped in a building with a bunch of German terrorists.
you find out you are Tyler.
an extra terrestrial bursts out of your friend's stomach.
you are forced to spend Saturday in detention.
you become infatuated with your daughter's best friend.
you are fighting in the war room.
you are trapped in a bar surrounded by zombies.
a cyborg is sent back from the future to kill you.
you think you are in a movie, but real soldiers try to kill you.
you realize you are too old for this sh*it.
everyone is after you while you just want your rug back.
you and your friends try to save the city from a giant marshmallow.
you and your squad are the prey on an alien warrior's hunt.
someone double dares you to say 'What?' again.
you are trapped in Antractica with a shape-shifting alien.
you always carry a spinning top around.
you are to drugged up to get in your car.
you have a car accident and you are late for your drum concert.

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