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Can you fill in the blanks for these clues as part of the Neo Puzzle Hunt?

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Millau Viaduct, Ponte Vecchio and Chengyang are examples of famous [blank]
Warm, cool, primary, analogous and complementary are words to describe a [blank] scheme?
[blank] became the 19th State of the USA on 1816
In the popular video game series, Kratos is the God of [blank]
Complete this Mahatma Gandhi quote: 'Even if you are a [blank] of one, the truth is the truth.'
[blank] is a geological period that spans from the end of the Triassic, until the beginning of the Cretaceous period.
[blank] is a country music band has had hits such as 'Speed of Life', 'Baby Girl' and 'Winter Wonderland'
Christian Bale won an Academy award for his role in the movie 'The [blank]'
'[blank] Grace, how sweet the sound'
Complete the Game of Thrones quote: 'The [blank] is dark and full of terrors'
In 1985, Chevy Chase and Danny Aykroyd were '[blank] Like Us'
In Japan, the color [blank] is traditionally associated with the Emperor and aristocracy
This girl named Bridget [blank] is mainly known for her diary
Seabiscuit, which has inspired many novels and films was a [blank]
Satirical show starring Stephen Colbert: The Colbert [blank]
The first woman to be elected as President of South Korea: Geun-hye [blank]
Agatha Christie's famous novel is called 'Murder on the Orient [blank]'
Award winning DC film starring Will Smith, Jared Leto and Margot Robbie: 'Suicide [blank]
Gillian Chan's controversial novel was called 'Glory Days and other [blank]'
The Musee d'Orsay, located in Paris, is an art [blank]

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