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QUIZ: Can you name the 'The Lost Woman' Quiz?

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Complete the quote 'My mother went with no more warning than ...
When did the narrator return home from school?
Complete the quote 'a shocking white Ambulance...
Did the mother ever return?
Did the narrator ever see her mother buried?
'The ...... turned in to a tree'
Complete the quote 'My tendrils are....
Complete the quote 'I made a...
Is this life a fantasy made up by the narrator?
What did the mother do through several wars?
Complete the quote 'The wit of a
Where did this mother meet her match?
What is an OU?
What has every poet acquired? (say the quote)
Complete the quote ' A corpse they need...
What is her habit not? (In stanza 5)
Complete the quote ' Hear how they hate themselves..
What did the lost woman snap? (first 5 words)
What does the lost woman call the narrator?
Who is the lost woman?

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