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The face or facial expression of a person or animal
A place where a creature normally lives
To verify; to prove to be true
A band of colors as in the rainbow
A belief without proof
Not able to be seen
A samll lizard that can change colors
To make a copy of or repeat
Something that can be seen and may be unusual or magnificent
A disguise, especially when a person or animal appears to be apart of its surroundings
To think about carefully or seriously
Something that is expected or looked forward to
Particular; belonging each to each
Carefully; cautious
Temporary; not permanent
A condition or restriction
A ghost, spirit, or imaginary person
A thoughtful review of past happenings
Given to thinking about one's own thoughts and feelings
A distant view that can be seen through an opening
A careful study or observation
An incorrect understanding of something
Something that appears different from what it really is
The movement of the body to express a thought or feeling
Tending to escape or hide
A sudden moment of understanding or realization
To pretend to be; to imitate
Characterized by a showy display to attract attention
To read or examine carefully
A copy of an orignial

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