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00.01Michael Haigney & Kunihiko Yuyama
00.11George Miller
00.24Barry Sonnenfeld
00.40John Carpenter
01.03Tim Burton
01.14Garry Marshall
01.28William Friedkin
01.39John N. Smith
01.51Emile Ardolino
02.10Paul W.S. Anderson
02.26Emile Ardolino
02.34Darren Aronofsky
02.43Jim Sharman
03.00Chris Columbus
03.10Roger Allers & Rob Minkoff
03.18Michael Hittlieb
03.29Wes Craven
03.39Danny DeVito
04.05Bah Luhrmann
04.20Marc Foster
04.36John Carpenter
04.49Christopher Nolan
05.05Chris Columbus
05.24Ron Clements & John Musker
05.33Baz Luhrmann
05.47Joe Pytka
05.55The Wachowski Bros,
06.03Ron Clements & John Musker
06.16Nathan Greno & Byron Howard
06.31Chris Buck & Kevin Lima
06.40Andrew Adamson & Kelly Asbury
06.50Ang Lee
07.00Tetsuya Nomura
07.17Hugh Wilson
07.36Alan Parker
07.50Tom Holland
08.11Tommy O' Haver
08.20Martin Campbell
08.37Adam Shankman
08.48Randal Kleiser
09.00Joel Schumacher
09.07Sharon Maguire
09.11Peyton Reed
09.25Alan Parker
09.36Kevin Lima
09.44David McNally
09.51James Wan
10.00Bill Condon
10.20Tim Burton
10.38Shana Feste
10.45Steve Antin
10.54Rob Marshall
11.00Tim Burton
11.15John Huston
11.25Griffin Dunne
11.39Adam Shankman
11.57Tim Burton
12.17Noel Clarke
12.27Gary Trousdale & Kirk Wise
12.40Mike Newell

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