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Forced Order
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This country said that if the US attacks Al Qaida bases in this country, this country's military will take the blame
This country is ready to attack a nuclear Iran and the US is supplying bunker-buster munitions for this purpose
This country has pressured the US to give them Predator B drones to use against the PKK
North Korea was said to be helping this country to build nuclear sites
This country's leader is said to be the 'mouthpiece of Putin in Europe' due to the close relationship between them
This country is no longer an ally of North Korea, describing them as a 'spoiled child'
China had offered to pay this country to shut down Manas Airbase, which is important to the US operations in Afghanistan
Donors in this country are funding Sunni terrorist groups worldwide
Belarus and this country were described as virtual mafia states
The UK has been blocking this country's accession to the EU, much to the anger of the US
This US ambassador to this country was pushing for them to drop their anti-nuclear policy
The Red Cross sent evidence to the US government about torture in Kashmir, carried out by this country
This country was pushing to prevent Muslim Turkey from joining the mainly Christian EU
The US was continuing to store cluster bombs in this country as it found a loophole in the international ban
The US and South Korea were discussing reunifying Korea, if this country collapsed
The US had an informant present in this country's government's coalition talks
The US and UK were trying to remove highly enriched uranium from a research reactor in this country, as they thought it could fall into the wrong hands
Many of this country's neighbors have been pushing for a US attack on their nuclear facilities
This country made threats to cease trade with the UK if the Lockerbie Bomber was not released
This country is said to have 'insidious negative popular stereotyping' with 'anti-American melodrama' in its TV programmes

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