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Every spring the winter snows _____ and the flowers beneath them are revealed.• crescendo
• deliquesce
• nigrify
• etiolate
His _____ interested nobody, since the others had complaints of their own.• mirth
• perspicacity
• jeremiad
• ebullience
Unlike the other _____, he dosen't just walk in his sleep, but runs around the house.• helminth
• somnambulist
• ailurophile
• demagogue
It was unpleasantly hot, until a cool _____ began to blow.• zephyr
• inanition
• cacophony
• bleb
His rash began to _____ after several years of quiescence.• recrudesce
• absquatulate
• palliate
• malinger
Despite using several _____ words, she failed to sound scholarly.• prosaic
• gallinaceous
• sesquipedalian
• agrestic
She charmed the entire audience with her _____ voice.• strident
• pulchritudinous
• jejune
• mellifluous
He is completely _____ when it comes to the Bible; he doesn't even know who Jesus is.• sagacious
• coruscant
• nescient
• fescennine
He and his friends threw a wild _____ to celebrate his birthday.• panegyric
• omphaloskepsis
• serendipity
• bacchanalia
She had a huge _____ of rage following her computer's failure to operate properly.• paroxysm
• ataraxia
• amelioration
• sciolism

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