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Can you name the people who were important to the history of medicine, from the hints below?

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Major ContributionsPersonLife
Claimed illness is not caused by God, invented the Theory of the four humours, made doctors take an oath of secrecyGreek, 460BC-370BC
Advanced the theory of the four humours, Dissected animals to discover more about anatomy and wrote many books which were used for hundreds of years after himRoman, 129-199
Wrote the first medical encyclopedia, documenting all known medical knowledge of the timePersian, 980-1037
Replaced cauterisation of arteries with ligatures; used ointment for wounds rather than boiling oilFrench, 1510-1590
Human dissection; disproved many of the Roman ideas about anatomyDutch, 1514-1564
Proved blood was circulated, not used like fuel; discovered the heart was a pumpEnglish, 1578-1657
Improved the microscope- first person to observe germsDutch, 1632-1723
Discovered that giving people cowpox prevents them getting smallpox; made the world's first vaccinationBritish, 1749-1823
Made doctors wash their hands before treating women in childbirthHungarian, 1818-1865
Laid down the foundations of professional nursing; improved conditions in hospitals and for injured soldiers in the Crimean WarBritish, 1820-1910
Discovered that microbes (germs) cause diseaseFrench, 1822-1895
Pioneered the use of antiseptics in surgery and promoted sterile surgeryBritish, 1827-1912
Discovered that certain microbes cause certain diseases, created a method isolate the bacteria responsible for diseasesGerman, 1843-1910
Discovered x-raysGerman, 1845-1923
Discovered the first antibiotic - penicillinBritish, 1881-1955
Improved the extraction and mass production of penicillinAustralian, 1898-1968
Carried out the first successful human-human heart transplantSouth African, 1922-2001
Led the Human Genome Project and made many discoveries about genetic diseasesAmerican, 1950-????

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