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Can you name the historic events that happened in August?

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Israel annexes this Palestinian CityAugust 1, 1967
This man becomes the leader of GermanyAugust 2, 1934
This terrorist organisation detonates a car-bomb in LondonAugust 3, 1914
This famous Dutch diary-writer is captured by German forcesAugust 4, 1944
This former South African President is freed from jailAugust 5, 1990
The United States drops an atomic bomb on this cityAugust 6, 1945
The first documented performance of this Shakespeare playAugust 7, 1606
This US president resigns, following the watergate scandalAugust 8, 1974
The United States drops an atomic bomb on this cityAugust 9, 1945
This place becomes the 24th US StateAugust 10, 1821
This terrorist organization is formedAugust 11, 1988
Great Britain declares war on this countryAugust 12, 1914
Hernán Cortés captures the Aztec capital Tenochtitáln, now known asAugust 13, 1521
This country gains independence from the United Kingdom, alongside PakistanAugust 14, 1947
This African country is founded by freed slavesAugust 15, 1824
This Mediterranean country gains its independence from the United KingdomAugust 16, 1960
This, the world's first fully animated film, is first shownAugust 17, 1908
This moon of Mars is discoveredAugust 18, 1877
Storms, floods and tornadoes hit the south of this Canadian ProvinceAugust 19, 2005
This man published his theory of evolutionAugust 20, 1858
This explorer claims Eastern Australia for Great BritainAugust 21, 1770
Reports are made of a monster in this Scottish lakeAugust 22, 565
This country turns to communism, one of the 5 remaining communist countries todayAugust 23, 1975
This volcano erupts, causing devastation to the city of PompeiiAugust 24, 79
This capital city is liberated from German occupationAugust 25, 1944
Russia recognizes Abkhazia and South Ossetia, breakaway regions from this countryAugust 26, 2008
This, the shortest war in history is fought, lasting 40 minutesAugust 27, 1896
Charles, the Prince of Wales, divorces this womanAugust 28, 1996
This country tests its first nuclear bombAugust 29, 1949
This, Australia's second city, is foundedAugust 30, 1835
This Asian nation declares its independence from the Soviet UnionAugust 31, 1991

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