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Can you name the movie based on comic book characters the actors have played?

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Iron Man is trying to catch and kill Blade
Daredevil and Robin attend a prep school full of antisemitism
The Penguin tries to off the Hulk and his children's show
Two-Face is the sheriff where Jonah Hex runs with drug money
Storm has a relationship with the Joker's dad
Judge Dredd beats the Punisher in a boxing match
Henri Ducard and Phoenix's daughter is kidnapped by Albanians
Wolverine tries to find Batman's trick
Magneto and Doc Ock hide church secrets
King Leonidas and The Nite Owl II court an opera star
Cyclops fights Catwoman to desegregate his show
Rogue's friend helps a reporter seek Doctor Manhattan and his band
Alfred Pennyworth cares for and teaches Spider-Man
A team with Nick Fury and Sabretooth investigates a spacecraft
The Scarecrow uses William Stryker's daughter to plot an assassination
Lex Luthor and Lois Lane dupe casinos playing blackjack
Ghost Rider's team, including Juggernaut, steal cars
The Riddler receives Lucius Fox's powers
Invisible Woman and Elektra star in this 'love day' movie
John Hartigan and The Kingpin try to stop an asteroid

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