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The Joining of atoms held together by sharing electrons.
The possible configuration of a given Lewis Structure.
A covalent bond in which the electrons aren't shared equally.
The distance between the nuclei of two covalently bonded atoms in a molecule.
When an atoms outer shell is full with valence electrons.
The energy required to break the bonds in 1 mole of a chemical compound.
How much an atom in a molecule attracts electrons.
Greek symbol meaning partial
A structural formula in which electrons are represented by dots.
A covalent bond in which two atoms share one pair of electrons.
Different bonding arrangments of an element.
Hydrocarbon Lewis structures connected by only single bonds
Hydrocarbon Lewis structures connected with at least one double bond.
Hydrocarbon Lewis Structures connected by at least one triple bond.
An organic compound formed only by carbon and hydrogen linked by single bonds.
A small molecule that can combine with other monomers to form a polymer.

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