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Where and WhenWhatHAHA
Canteen - Reference to jeans
Jack's House - Downing pint
Costa - Time with Becca
Rec - Falling over
Birdboy - School Bus - Threatened by Jack
Falling over on skate park
Classic reply
Ellie and Ham Hill
Annoying pat
Marcus are they trackies?
Marcus does 32 32 fit you?
Marcus you haven't gone down on a girl?!
In reference to his number
Stupid commentGood **** Luck Mate!
Niggy bants
Intended Career
Where and WhenWhatHAHA
Marcus you coming out?
Marcus drive us to maccys?
Whale SmithNah... she's just fat
Marcus... why are you sleeping on the kitchen floor?
Marcus why are you in a sleeping bag on your bed
On Jarvis' roof, and in cinema
Marcus have you smoked weed?
What title has Clarkey given you?
Matt Joyner turns on him
Marcus gets pissed
Marcus classic threat
Marcus, you do realise Ally Anal fancies you?
Marcus hates
Marcus is Jake Hayes good at cricket

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