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How much do you know from the movie This Is The End

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What is the song while Craig is going to heaven saying?
What hotel did Jay stay in the last time he was in L.A.?
Who's face did Michael Cera blow cocaine into?
Who was raped by the demon?
What movie was the camera they used for the cofessionals from?
Who gets a streetlight stabbed through their body?
Who is Danny McBrides sex slave?
Who Does Jay accidently drop into the sinkhole?
Who brings the huge bottle of champagne?
What song is playing while Seth And Jay are going to heaven?
Where can Evan Goldberg and his wife be seen in the movie?
Where do Jay and Seth go after the airport?
Who does Danny McBride eat?
What does Craig and Seth end up drinking?
What age did Jay say he has known Seth since?
What boy band plays at the end of the movie?
How much money did Sony give to make the movie?
Where was the movie shot?
Who does Craig tell to take their panties off on him?
Who does Danny McBride say stole all their stuff?

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