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Clinical Depression is more than the blues or typical ups and downs.
Confronting a person about suicide will only make them angry and increase the risk of suicide
Once a person decides that they are going to commit suicide, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them
Approximately 500 Massachusetts residents die by suicide each year
Asking someone if they are suicidal can plant the idea in their head
Teens who claim to be depressed are weak and just need to pull themselves together
9% of the 2008 Needham HS population has reported that they have had suicidal thoughts
Telling an adult that a friend might be depressed is betraying a trust
Depression/suicide can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity and socio-economic status
It is important for each of us to remember we are not alone. Our families, friends, teachers or fellow community members are always there to offer support

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