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Can you name the Proteins in DNA synthesis?

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Example ProteinFunction
DnaG protein in E.coliSynthesis of RNA primers
DnaB protein in E.coliSeparates parent DNA strands
DnaC protein in E.coliLoads helicase onto a single strand
SSB in E.coliPrevents reannealing of separated single strands
DNA Gyrase in E.coliRemoves supercoils ahead of replication fork
polymerase in E.coliRNA primer removal/DNA repair
polymerase in E.coliDNA repair
polymerase in E.coliChromosome replication
polymerase in E.coliChromosome replication
polymerase in E.coliDNA repair, trans lesion synthesis
polymerase in E.coliTrans Lesion Synthesis

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