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QUIZ: Can you match the quotes of Red vs. Blue to the characters that said them?

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Forced Order
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'That was the worst throw ever... of all time.'
'There is a fine line between not listening, and not caring. I like to think that I walk that line every day of my life.'
'Slayer of women, wooer of evil. Wait...'
'I'm Dutch Irish!'
'As long as I'm alive, you're all as good as dead!'
'It's just what- dude?'
'Por eso le dará a su cuerpo cuando puedo tomar por mí mismo?'
'It's pronounced- oh, never mind. Christ.'
'My toes... are getting pruny.'
'Shut up, Counselor.'
'Well now you're definitely not coming in. And I think we're gonna send back your shower gift too.'
'To hell with this mission, and to hell with Chorus! Get us out of here.'
'Oh, red team... They still wearing red armor these days?'
'Prepare for an oblivion for which there is no preparation!'
'The only thing I need to do is stay red... and die.'
'No one is going to stop us from killing every last person on this planet!'
'Actually, we were never able to get the waste disposal patch beyond beta. Agent Washington would likely drown.'
'Protect me cone!'
'Look how shiny I am, woo-hoo!'
'Hey there, Carolina. If I said I liked your armor, would you hold it against me?'
'Was the project a success, Director? Did you find what you were looking for?'
'I would like to quote the great William Shakespeare, but to tell you the truth... I don't actually think he said it.'
'You know I can't resist a good mounting!'
'I believe Captain Caboose is one of the wisest individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Sir!'
'You wanna see my ping pong ball trick?'
'I have the speaking ball!'
'Do better than you are currently doing. And, please win.'
'The grownups are talking, Fishstick.'
'People learn English all the time. It aren't that hard.'
'My fun fact is... I don't have a fun fact.'
'You just couldn't do it, could you? You couldn't lay down and die!'
'I never thought I'd be so glad to see you idiots again.'
'What if today I'm feeling just a little bit red?'
'Tell you what- I'll go 50/50. You keep the emancipation, and I'll take the sword.'
'I couldn't hear you over the sound of your perpetual poor attitude!'
'Agent Washington has failed to meet the minimum requirement of Blue Team service and is no longer fit for duty. He must be eliminated.'
'What am I gonna do? Roll there? Pick me up you dumb bitch!'

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