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Eldest daughter of the NorthOldest Daughter of Eddard Stark
Bastard of WinterfellOldest child of Eddard Stark
Aerys should have been more careful.The Kingslayer
Born of IncestEldest son of Jaime, by his sister Cersei
Lioness Twin to Jaime Lannister
Saw something he shouldn't haveSon of Eddard Stark
Killed while huntingKing of the Seven Realms after the defeat of the Targaryens
Lord of WinterfellHand of the King, before Joffrey had his head removed.
Made of GoldLord of Casterly Rock
Needle DancerOften mistaken for a boy due to her penchant for sword fighting and chasing cats.
The DemonAlso called 'The Imp'
SellswordFought as Tyrion's champion and stayed on to serve him for copious amounts of gold
Lady of the EyrieWife of Jon Arryn, Mother of Robert Arryn
Has always loved CatAlso called Littlefinger
Mother of DragonsLast of the bloodline of the Targaryens
The King in the NorthKilled at the treacherous massacre that soon became known as The Red Wedding
Craven Brother of the Night's WatchFat boy sent from his home to the Wall. Discovered that wights could be killed by obsidian blades.
Lost north of the WallBrother to Eddard Stark, disappeared North of the Wall.
Born of IncestBrother to Joffrey, and next in line of rate throne after him.
Finally got his crownKhal Drogo crowned him with a pot of molten gold

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