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QUIZ: Can you name the Stargate SG-1 characters?

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new leader of SGC
Nox woman who befriends Daniel
astrophysicist and member of SG-1
colonel and member of NID
civilian scientist, former research assistant to Daniel who later joins SGC
Sergeant and technician at SGC
woman who acquired Eye of Ra amulet during the excavation of the stargate
boy from Abydos, befriends Jack
supreme commander of the Asgard
human alien former Goa'uld host and later SG-1 member
Major stationed at Pentagon, liases with SGC
senator and later vice president
leader of Lucian Alliance
Goa'uld system lord, creates several clones of himself
Ori follower, Vala's husband
human from Langara, joins SG-1 temporarily
NID liaison to SGC
outcast Ancient who helps Sam, returns in child form
leader of SG-1
Goa'uld, takes over Sarah
leader of the SGC
chief medical officer of the SGC
Tollen who befriends Sam
Daniel's wife from Abydos
civilian scientist, thinks he smarter than everyone
Unas who kidnaps then befriends Daniel
technician who operates the stargate
Tok'ra who takes over Samantha temporarily
son of Sha're, Harcesis child
Jaffa first prime of Montu, first leader of Free Jaffa Nation
human alien who crashes on earth , created TV show about SGC
ascended Ancient who helps Daniel ascend
human host to Lantash, forms a relationship with Sam
Ancient high councilor of Atlantis, helps defeat the Ori
young survivor of doomed planet, adopted by Janet
police detective develops relationship with Sam
half ascended Goa'uld system lord
Jaffa son of Teal'c
first human to go through stargate, fiance to Catherine
Goa'uld system lord, experimented on humans to create better host
archaeologist and member of SG-1
Jaffa, former first first prime of Apophis
colonel who joins SG-1 and O'Neill leaves
USAF officer went of first SG-1 mission
Vala's daughter, Orici
Jaffa leader of Sodan
Goa'uld system lord, posed as Satan
Jaffa and member of SG-1
Tok'ra scientist and historian, human host is Freya
symbiote to human host Jacob Carter
Goa'uld system lord, ruled earth 5000 years ago
member of NID and later IOA
wealthy civilian, gets implanted by Goa'uld to cure illness
replicator who creates a replicator Sam
ascended Ancient who helps the humans
Goa'uld imprisoned on earth, takes over males of SGC
Goa'uld inside Jaffa Shan'auc convinces her to release him
President of US when Anubis attacks
Goa'uld system lord, killed by Teal'c for killing his father
Goa'uld system lord, main enemy in beginning
chief medical officer of SGC after Janet dies
civilian scientist st SGC

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