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Who owns the single season record for TD passes?
Which school sent 6 1st rounders to the NFL in 2002?
Who owns the most Super Bowl MVP awards?
Who did Adrian Peterson set the single game rushing record against?
What year did the Dolphins go undefeated?
Who held the single season sack record before Michael Strahan broke it in 2001?
Who holds the record for most rushing yards in a season?
How many yards is the longest field goal in NFL history?
Which two kickers share the record?
Who was the only Super Bowl MVP on a losing team?
What year did the NFL and AFL merge?
Which franchises have appeared in the most Super Bowls?
The Baltimore Ravens set a record by giving up only 165 points in what year?
Before Ladainian Tomlinson broke it, who held the Chargers team record for TD's?
Who developed the name 'Super Bowl'?
How many years did John Madden coach the Raiders?
Who was known as 'the minister of defense'?
Who holds the record for most career sacks?
Chiefs defensive linemen Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson were both top 5 picks from what school?
Before the Cheifs relocated to Kansas City, they were known as the-

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