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The first AFL team to win a Super Bowl
Bill Buckner helped this team win the World Series
Similar to carpets
Abbreviation for what the Expos became
Moving to Brooklyn in 2012
Cats, dogs, etc.
Abbreviation for an original member of the AFL
Lions + tigers are types of these
Abbreviation for the team that LeBron left
Mark Cuban's team (abbreviation)
Has 600+ home runs and is one of the greatest players in baseball
What weeks are composed of
Structures that hold water
Add an 's' to a hit Michael Jackson song
NFL team established in 1995 (abbreviation)
Slower than a run, faster than a walk
A famous toy: Lincoln ____
Connections between Chris Paul + Blake Griffin
Visionary behind Apple
To insult
What you call for in New York City
What you drive
Where you watch a sporting event
Nicki Minaj song: Super ____
The head man of a company
Another word for a pitch
Famous quote: haves and have
What you write down to remember something
Another name for a clicker (take out first 2 letters)
To silent
'Uprising' band
A top priority
Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russell, etc.
Detroit Lions running back
Jim Tressel was known for wearing this
The ____ majority of people
If you're not first, you're...
A famous TV show
Not a win
Receiver for the Vikings, Raiders, Patriots + Titans
A church ceremony
Hit or ____
A cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere
Your fingers clenched together
To be quick
To pass gas
Homer and Marge's son
Friends with Ernie
Sexually attractive
A whole is made up of many ____(s)
The standard on a golf course (plural)
Cooking utensils
People who root for a team
Abbreviation for the only undefeated Super Bowl champion
A penalty that James Harrison frequently pays
To go out to eat
Ten cents
A person who does not talk
Taylor Swift song
Spanish word for 'movie theater'
What the elderly use to walk
Mascot for the University of Albany: Great ____(s)
Following a first round elimination, this team was one and ____
What dogs eat
Famous brand of speakers
Poison song: Every ____ Has its Thorn
Last name for a cornerback on the Giants: Aaron ____
What an apple does when it becomes old
Points on a page
Add an 's' to the first name of the head coach of the Boston Celtics
University of Chattanooga ____
They're not PCs
Planet close to Earth
Revolutionary, Civil and Vietnam are all examples of these
A small, hard growth on the skin, caused by a virus
Defensive player on the Houston Texans
Abbreviation for Wide Area Telecommunications Service
Triple-A baseball team: Louisville ____
No ifs, ands or ____
Decisions that coaches must make at the end of the preseason
To curse
What's all the ____ about?
Coating for cats (plural)
Wild or violent anger/Detroit AFL team
A panel of judges
A famous TV judge
First name of a famous mayor of New York
Not polite
Hey ____: famous Beatles song
Drop the 'd' off of a famous Aerosmith song
Past tense of 'make'
Kids run around in one made of corn around Halloween time
If you ____ into the abyss...
An object to prevent intruders from entering
The day, month and year
Famous Nickelodeon show: Double ____
The tortoise beat this character
To bring in somebody to a position
MLS club in Chicago
A golfer's cry
49ers running back
*NSYNC song
You get your traits from one of these
'Young Homie' singer on The X Factor
Nickname for UNLV- the Running ____
What a burglar does
He ____ for apples
What babies wear
Where you throw out trash
To break one of the Ten Commandments
When a family gives birth to boys, they have many of these
One of these is 2,000 pounds (plural)
He does this on the beach
A small flap, used in filing to make retrieving information easier
Nickname for the Montreal Canadiens
Things you wear on your head
Pesky rodents
People on a bad day are said to be stuck in these
What Usain Bolt does for a living
Multiple stars of our solar system
Answers to addition problems
Busts, for example
Add an 'S' at the end to Jerome Bettis' nickname
Receiver on the Miami Dolphins: Davone ____

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