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First team to make 3 Super Bowls (abbreviation)
What you knock down in bowling
Cooking utensils
Tom Brady's team (abbreviation)
Tigers, lions, etc.
What many people take to get to work
Where people watch games
Nicki Minaj song: Super ____
Bruce Springsteen's nickname
Holds the record for most receiving TDs in 1 season
What people celebrate at church
To skip your turn
Not the future or present
To ____ a status on Facebook
Its prefixes are trans-, tele-, etc.
The flesh of a pig used as food
You close a bottle with this
The center of an apple
Famous Beatles song: ____ Together
What you brush your hair with
An explosive
Drop the 'I' off of a 1940s Disney animated classic
Not a sheep
Used for added light
Where many kids spend their summers
The Wanted song: Glad You ____
Not cool
To wash
Mumford and Sons song: The ____
The team that LeBron James left (abbreviation)
Owned by Mark Cuban (abbreviation)
Replaced by GPS systems
What a person does when he sleeps in the middle of the day
What the Expos became (abbreviation)
Not mice
Long, deep tracks
What Usain Bolt does for a living
Phoenix's basketball team
What you confess to a priest
What Charlie Sheen does
A motion made with the eye
Where hockey is played
To place (in terms of standings)
Are you ready for some football? (first name)
What cars do at slow drivers
Art is his first name

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