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Can you name the K-Pop songs by their opening and closing lines?

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Opening Line/Closing LineSong Title
'Yeah I’m the female monster'
'Jigeum naege michin geotcheoreom da gachi da gachi michyeo'
'Take my hand'
'Dasi neol wihae saragal su issge'
'Bulgeun haega sesuhadeon paran bada geomge muldeulgo'
'Why are they so cold'
'Jayureul jwoya haesseo neoege nan'
'Daman igeol injeong moshaneun naega miwo'
'Modu nal bomyeon'
'Nae nae naega nal bwado'
'Geunyeoga tteonagayo'
'Isseul ttae jalhal geol geuraesseo'
'Lalalalala Lalalala'
'Gimme that, Gimme That, Your lips'
'I’m out of here''
'Woo woo woo woo woo'
'Come on Hey Mommy'
'Jebal nuga na jom mallyeojwo'
'Neohuineun gwireul makgo'
'Cheonsaui eolgullo nal, nal, nal chyeodaboji ma geo-jit-marida'
Opening Line/Closing LineSong Title
'Nae saenggage mami apa bameul sae'
'Boy, you ain’t cooler than me, nah'
'Nal saranghandaneun geu heunhaeppajin geojitmal'
'I’m out! I’m out!'
'Bicceul ssotneun sky'
'Nan dasi tteoolla'
'Oh, eojilleojin bang mwongareul chatgo isseo'
'Kkanohgo malhaebwa dwieseo haneun mal'
''Just do it now'
'Don’t you look'
'Urin yeogikkajini'
'Get Funky, Get Down, Get Down Come on'
'Na na na na na na na na'
'Nareul bulleo nega mami apeul ttae'
'Nobody knows (woo)'
'Wi arae wi wi arae'
'Wi arae wi wi arae'
'Hollo kkaeeonan eoduun bam seupgwancheoreom'
'Barae barae barae oh girl ne mami nareul chajaogil all I need is you

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